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  • John Borthwick & Matt Hartman of betaworks discuss coronavirus adaptation strategies March 27, 2020
    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hopping on Zoom with betaworks’ John Borthwick and Matt Hartman to discuss the tech world’s adaptation to this new locked-down world, the future of new media and answer questions from the audience. We discussed whether new media companies can raise capital right now, and touched on emerging trends around […]
    Jordan Crook
  • Rocket startup Skyrora shifts production to hand sanitizer and face masks for coronavirus response March 27, 2020
    One of the newer companies attempting to join the rarified group of private space launch startups actually flying payloads to orbit has redirected its entire UK-based manufacturing capacity towards COVID-19 response. Skyrora, which is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is answering the call of the UK government and the NHS to manufacturers to do what they […]
    Darrell Etherington
  • Duke University uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide to clean N95 face masks for reuse March 27, 2020
    With shortages of N95 face masks persisting nationwide, healthcare facilities are scrambling to find ways to clean and treat the masks for reuse to protect doctors and nurses most at risk of exposure to COVID-19. Duke University thinks it has found a solution using vaporized hydrogen peroxide to decontaminate the masks. The process uses specialized […]
    Jonathan Shieber
  • Attract, engage and retain employees in the new remote-work era March 27, 2020
    Having the right technology in place to sustain work-from-home practices is more important now than ever before.
    Walter Thompson
  • Trump orders GM to start ventilator production for COVID-19 amid contract dispute March 27, 2020
    President Donald Trump signed Friday a presidential directive ordering GM to produce ventilators and to prioritize federal contracts, just hours after the automaker announced plans to manufacture the critical medical equipment needed for patients suffering from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. The order, made under the Defense Production Act, marks a sudden reversal […]
    Kirsten Korosec
  • We’ve come full rectangle: Polaroid is reborn out of The Impossible Project March 27, 2020
    More than a decade after announcing that it would keep Polaroid's abandoned instant film alive, The Impossible Project has done the... improbable: It has officially become the brand it set out to save. And to commemorate the occasion there's a new camera, the Polaroid Now.
    Devin Coldewey
  • Attorney Sophie Alcorn answers readers’ immigration questions March 27, 2020
    We had a great time hosting noted immigration attorney Sophie Alcorn on a live conference call with Extra Crunch members earlier this week. Sophie writes our “Dear Sophie” column, where she answers questions about immigration status, particularly for founders and others in the tech ecosystem who want to work in the United States. Dear Sophie: […]
    Natasha Mascarenhas
  • The FDA just okayed multiple 15-minute blood tests to screen for coronavirus, but there are caveats March 27, 2020
    On Thursday, the FDA amended their emergency policy around diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Following on a change made March 16, the agency opened the door for a number of specific private entities and labs to develop and distribute tests that can provide results on the spot in as little […]
    Darrell Etherington

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